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this is naomi, felicia's "sister from another mister." felicia is getting ready to go to the gym, because she is fit and healthy but i am not, so i'm not going (: having felicia here is really fun and exciting and wwe get along very well, and for that i am thankful. at first i was worried that we wouldn't get along, but we are almost exactly alike!! fellow felly (as i have nicknamed her) is a very funny and spunky personality and i couldn't ask for a better sister. she is teaching me the swedish alphabet, and all the fun swedish swear words (though i can't pronounce most of it, she is a very good teacher) she's yelling at me to go now so i will probably get on her blog another time and write more things. goodbye for now, swedes!!!!!


  • pappa säger:

    Jävla skit va roligt detta ska hon läsa.

    2013-11-07 | 11:17:41
  • Saga säger:

    v-blogga kvinna <3

    2013-11-08 | 23:23:44

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