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macaroni and cheese taha

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hello again!! naomi here. tonight is a very fun night. felicia is having a bleoved american meal for the first time in her life, mac n cheese. it's a milestone in her life in america, so of course we have to blog about it. i am very excited to see her reaction towards it. if she doesn't like it we may send her home. of course, i'm kidding though. tonight we fellow fellly was showing me some of her friends back in sweden (all of whom are very cute and have very nice clothes) and we started talking about how hard it will be for her to go back home at the end of the year. i can't imagine how much you all back home miss her, she's quite the gem. but we still have 7 or so months left to spend together, and so far most of the time she has spent here, we have spent together. the other day we were remembering her first few days here and how we barely talked and looking back, we were laughing at how strange that was. we've become closer than i had ever imagined we would be. she's a part of the family now, and it feels good to have such a wonderful sister living with me. when i talk about her at school and with my friends people are always very jealous that i get to live with my best friend. i am so very thankful that we've had the chance to have felly in our lives for nine whole months, and i wish she could stay forever. it's very rare that you meet someone that can have such a huge impact in your life after only knowing them for a little under three months. i know that we will stay in contact long after she has left, and hopefully we will even have the opportunity to go to sweden. felly has talked so highly of her home and shown us pictures, so i am very excited to go. well, it's nearly time to eat, so i will leave this as it is. until next time felllow swedes (: 


  • Mamma Lisa säger:

    It is so fun to read what you write about your new friendship. But as I say to Felicia "one day at the time" :) Hope you understand. Love <3

    2013-11-15 | 18:04:11
  • Mamma Lisa säger:

    Hi, it is so funny to read about your friendship. But as I have said to Felicia "one day at the time" ;)
    Love <3

    2013-11-15 | 20:21:37
  • pappa säger:

    Va kul att läsa ditt inlägg. Naomi.

    2013-11-16 | 09:57:59
  • kissekissekatt säger:

    asså blir så glad av detta!!!


    2013-11-19 | 00:01:35
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